Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Spotlight: "Sacred Feminine"

"Women, all females, are the manifestation of Mother Earth in human form. It is essential to collectively struggle to recover our status as Daughters of the Earth." 
                                                                              -Winona LaDuke
                                                               United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women
                                                               Beijing, China, August 31, 1995 

This piece, intended to celebrate the Sacred Feminine, includes several symbolic elements:
Female figure
The Female symbol (ancient symbol of Venus)
Wings (freedom, divinity, protection, rising above)
Heart shapes (love, soul, emotion, romance)
Stars (cosmic, celestial, magick)
Flame (spiritual energy, passion, purification, light, guidance)
Third Eye (intuition, enlightenment, perception, clairvoyance, imagination)
Praying hands/Namaste mudra: (sacred, blessing, respectful greeting, communion with the divine)
Crescent Moon (mother/motherhood, feminine energy, cyclic changes and natural rhythms, rebirth, intuition)
Vines (thriving tenacity of life, fertility, growth, fidelity)

Digital prints of this design are available HERE.

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