Thursday, July 3, 2014

DragonWings Cuff Bracelet; A Splash of Fire!

Alcohol inks have a lovely, luminous transparency that lets the light glow through the color.
They can be tricky to work with - they have a mind of their own, and you're never quite sure how the colors will flow and mix together, so there's always an element of chaos involved.
I like that. :)

For this piece I've combined brown, cranberry, bright red and a butterscotch gold to create the impression of swirling flames.

Once the colors dry, it's time to pull out the sandpaper, polishing cloths and elbow grease!  The color is abraded from the raised parts of the design, so only the etched recesses are highlighted.


Next comes polishing, to bring out the sheen of the copper.  I like to leave it somewhat rustic, so the light glints off the metal in dynamic and unexpected ways.  I love how when the bare metal is shadowed, the brighter colors in those areas really glow in contrast.

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