Sunday, September 13, 2015


I've published a coloring book!
It's available on Amazon at the following link:

You can also download a digital edition from my Etsy shop:

Several weeks ago, someone posted an article about coloring books for grown-ups on Facebook and I was intrigued!  It has become a hugely popular activity, and a bunch of really cool coloring books have been released in recent years.  These aren't the cheesy, simplistic cartoon character coloring books you remember from childhood, but gorgeous, complex designs that offer a fun, engaging and relaxing creative experience.

I realized instantly that my artwork would be PERFECT for coloring!  After all, when I created the original artwork, I basically made black & white designs and then colored them in Photoshop.  So converting my full-color artwork into color-able pages was simply a matter of going back to my black & white files and doing some reworking.

As I re-evaluated my drawings with hand-coloring in mind, I realized that I really enjoy designing coloring pages!  And I really enjoy coloring, which was something that mostly bored me as a kid.

I published through Createspace,'s Print On Demand Self Publishing platform, and found the process to be surprisingly quick and easy.  Within 3 weeks, I had put my book together, uploaded it and it was listed on  Amazing!

The response has be incredible, and people really seem to be enjoying the book.  I'm working on getting my wholesale distribution set up, hopefully in time to get some books in stores for the holiday shopping season.
And I'm working on my second book, which I think is going to be even better!

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