Friday, January 21, 2011

Art Spotlight: “Soul Mates”

"Soul Mates" handmade serigraph by Cristina McAllister
This piece celebrates the notion of “soul mates”; two people who feel a deep connection to each other, whether they are close friends, lovers, partners or family.
            At center are two hearts that intersect, cradling a single soul (represented by an ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol for “life force”). The two hearts also share a pair of wings – a winged heart made of two entwined halves. The winged heart represents the freedom to love, to feel, to courageously rise above the mundane and reach full potential. It is a sign of joyful optimism and a representation of the free spirit.  In this case, it signifies that together these two connected souls can soar to new heights. 
            Above, a Celtic knot weaves the hearts together, representing a steadfast bond.  Below, their roots mingle and embrace, suggesting a shared history and deep connection.      
            Ivy vines, which intertwine as they grow, represent friendship and loyalty- the twists and turns of long relationships that form lasting emotional ties. 
Below the ankh is a swirling flame, an image of warmth, vitality and light.

This piece is a wonderful gift for someone you feel especially close to, as well as a very special wedding gift.

Digital prints of this design can be purchased here:
"Soul Mates" digital print by Cristina McAllister

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