Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New! Art Spotlight: Mini Prints

Introducing my new Mini Prints - 5" x 5" prints, perfect for small spaces, or for mix-n-match groupings.
These Minis are each hand printed in shimmering gold on beautifully textured fine art papers in a variety of rich, vibrant colors.  Each one is signed and includes a small certificate describing the symbolism within each original design.  Some of these are totally new designs, and some are smaller, more simplified versions of my larger, more complex pieces.
Minis are sized to fit into square 5" x 5" photo frames, some suggestions:,default,pd.html?start=4&cgid=products-framing-portraitcollection

There are also multiple-opening frames available that would accommodate a trio of minis:
I have 6 designs avialable so far:

'Eternal Cycle':
Mystical oroboros, symbolizing cyclic nature, eternal return and self re-creation is combined with the sign for Infinity. The Wheel of Samsara represents the notion of reincarnation and the Endless Knot connotes infinite wisdom and interconnectedness. The 4 Elements (Air, Earth, Water & Fire) are represented by alchemical icons. The spiral signifies evolution and expansion, the Recycle sign suggests renewal and rebirth, the Yin-Yang symbolizes balance, and the adinkra symbol ‘hye wonhye’ represents imperishability.

'Lotus Blossom':
The Lotus begins life at the dark, muddy bottom of a pond, growing up toward the surface to eventually break into the light and blossom into a beautiful, fragrant flower. According to Buddhist lore, this process reflects the soul's
journey from the darkness of ignorance and materialism, through experience and learning, into the uplifting radiance of enlightenment.

A figure performs the namaste mudra, a gesture of greeting and deep respect, surrounded by lotus blossoms, which represent spiritual growth and purity.

'Soul Mates':
A celebration of “soul mates”; two people who feel a deep connection to each other, whether they are close friends, lovers, partners or family. Two hearts intersect, cradling a single soul and sharing a pair of wings. A Celtic knot binds them together, a flame of passion and warmth glows between them and their roots intermingle. Ivy represents friendship and loyalty.

 'Good Karma':
The concept of Karma is essentially: "You get what you give." - a cosmic system of reciprocity and balance.  Interwoven hearts at the center radiate arrows of positive energy, which interact with other forces and return love to the center. Encircling is an ouroboros -  a mystical symbol of cyclic nature, eternal return and self-recreation. 

'Heart and Soul':
The Heart represents the Self, the Soul and the seat of emotion. Wings connote freedom, divinity and the ability to rise above our troubles. A Spiral Flame signifies warmth, light and passion. The Endless Knot is a symbol of infinite wisdom and the interconnectedness of All Things.

 Each Mini Print is only $12 each - making them truly affordable for adorning your space or giving as a special gift.
Browse the available selection here:


  1. Christina I think your work is amazing, I love your soul mates design and I'm considering it for a tattoo for me and my husband.

  2. Thank you! I love the matching Soul Mates tattoo idea! Please send me photos if you do it! :)


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