Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shakti Art Pendants Now Available!

Express your Spirit with a sparkling Shakti Art Pendant!

"Earth Spirit" Art Pendant
 "Shakti" is a Sanskrit word that describes the sacred creative energy of the Universe in feminine form.  Shakti represents the balance of the dynamic forces that form our reality.  She embodies creativity, bliss, freedom and the manifestation of conscious awareness.

My new Shakti Art Pendants feature original artwork from my Shakti Series.
The initial release includes all four Elemental Shakti - Earth Spirit, Fire Spirit, Water Spirit and Air Spirit.  Each of these designs expresses the unique attributes associated with the Classical Elemental concepts, which are described on the back of the packaging, along with Zodiac and Chakra associations.

"Fire Spirit" Art Pendant
Perfect for expressing your own spirit, or for gifting to someone whom you feel embodies these traits.  Or perhaps there is an elemental attribute you wish to develop in yourself?  I've been wearing Earth Spirit a lot recently as I'm delving more into the business side of my career - to remind me to stay grounded and practical as I focus on growing and nurturing my business. 

Also available are Divine Life and Fleur De Lis - two Shakti designs that express reverence for Life, and the vital Connection between all living things (I confess that Fleur De Lis is my personal favorite!).

"Divine Life" Art Pendant
"Fleur De Lis" Art Pendant
Finally, my Metamorphosis Shakti represents the process of spiritual growth, the development of maturity and the fulfillment of personal potential.

"Metamorphosis" Art Pendant

Rectangular pendants are 1” wide by 2” tall, with an adjustable 24" chain with lobster claw clasp. Metamorphosis pendant is 1" square. They are made of a lead and nickle free zinc alloy with an antique bronze finish.  Artwork is printed on metallic paper to give it extra shimmer, and is protected by a glass tile with smooth, rounded edges, which gives them a dynamic, 3-dimensional effect.

Available now at the Gypsy Mystery Arts online shop!

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