Sunday, February 22, 2015

Introducing DreamCuffs!

Okay guys, here’s a first glimpse of the Crazy New Thing I’ve been obsessing over for the last few months.

Introducing DreamCuffs(TM!): Original Wearable Art That’s Armed and Dangerousssss…ly Fabulous!

Wear them on bare arms, or over sleeves or gloves. Accessorize your favorite costumes, or build a whole new outfit around them! There’s something empowering about strapping on a pair of bracers…like you can deflect any obstacles that come your way and let your most fantastic self shine!

It all started with an idea I’ve been kicking around recently; “If I were a fashion designer in the Faerie Realm, what would I design?”.
This idea made my brain a’splode, in a really good way. One insomnia-wracked night I envisioned faerie bracers made with iridescent wing-like shapes and textures, with graceful designs and shifting colors. I had to get out of bed and do some sketches. They looked really neat. Then I thought: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that in physical form. How would you make something like that?”

I started doing some more drawing and research and experimenting and discussing with Dore and ultimately we decided to invest in a supercool (but somewhat expensive) machine that allows me to electronically die-cut my own original designs out of a variety of materials. So far, I’m loving this thing. It’s called the Zing, but Dore keeps calling it “The Zinger”, which cracks me up every time, which is probably why he keeps calling it that.
But seriously…there are SO my things I could do with this new art tool that I feel like I could be busy with it for the rest of my life!

But the thing that is really bringing down the Muse Hammer is this bracers idea. It combines my intricate design style with iridescence (something I’ve always wanted to play with!), it’s a way to get back to my fantasy-art roots in a new and exciting way, I can integrate different textures and finishes and embellishments to create truly unique and striking accessories for freaky people like me to wear to fun places. And not just armwear…I have some ideas for other accessories as well.
I was suddenly consumed with a burning NEED to make these things real and see people wearing them and feeling amazing.
I started thinking about other design themes besides the faerie one. I could do steampunk, cyberpunk, high fantasy designs, sci-fi/anime/video-game/pop-culture-inspired designs, punk and goth and tribal and urban fantasy, mythical figures, abstract geometrics, organic, nature-inspired designs, as well as applying my “gypsy mystery” style to them. Pretty soon, every cool or beautiful thing I saw became fodder for a design idea and I’ve spent many a late-night/early morning hour sketching out ideas and scribbling notes. I’ve got a TON of ideas to develop.

So who would wear these weird things? No one wears bracers anymore! Well, you know what? I think we should, because they are freaking COOL-LOOKING, amiright???

Whether you’re a man, woman or child, a Dreamer or a Dancer, a Performer or a Party Monster, a Burner, a LARPer, a Raver or Cosplayer, a Masquerader or Fearless Fashionista…here’s a fun, funky, fantastic “new” fashion accessory to add the perfect, eye-catching touch to your crazy-amazing adventure attire!

These are my first three successful prototypes, crafted from non-animal materials using an original construction method I devised after much research, trial and error. I’m currently field testing them, which usually involves me bopping around the house getting things done while my body is wearing pajamas (don’t judge me!), and my forearms are dressed like a dark sorceress and a steampunk adventurer, respectively. It doesn’t make for a very cohesive look, but it is giving me an idea about how they feel, function and hold up to wear, which are all essential elements of a quality product that I’m willing to sell to folks.

I’m still perfecting my method, so I’m not sure how long these will end up taking me to make. It is a multi-step process involving graphics design software, a machine that makes strange sounds, something called "weeding" that doesn't actually involve weeds, ironing, taping, cutting, painting, gluing, stenciling, sealing, riveting and lacing. But I think once I get my techniques and workflow down it’ll be worth the time and effort.

So – what do you guys think of my crazy DreamCuffs? Be honest. Would you wear something like this? Or more to the point – would you BUY something like this? Please post your feedback! And thanks for reading all of this, if you did.<3