Thursday, April 14, 2011

Art Spotlight: 'Home Blessing'

'Home Blessing' by Cristina McAllister
A Mandala of Protection, Security, Warmth and Harmony

The snail shells represent the Home, as the snail carries its home with it - a safe place of protection that is a part of its being. The snail’s shell also has the form of a spiral, which is one of the oldest symbols in human art, signifying outward growth and cyclic expansion.
The hamsa, or “Hand of Fatima” is an ancient amulet of protection popular in the Middle East and North Africa. The ancient Jews, Egyptians and Arabs believed the Hand represented blessings, power and strength.  The five fingers have many meaning for Jews; they represent the five books of the Torah, the Hebrew number Heth, which is one of God's holy names, and serve as a reminder to use all five senses to perceive and praise God. The eye on the palm is a counter for the Evil Eye, a curse thought to be cast by an envious gaze.
Flaming hearts are sheltered by roof-like shapes, suggesting a hearth - the social center of a house, as a source of warmth, light and love.
Sprigs of sage are included to represent the Native American belief that burning sage can purify a place, banishing negative energy.
In the corners is the West African adinkra symbol fihankra (“house” or “compound”), which signifies safety and security. 
 At the center is the Chinese character for “Harmony”, which is essential for a happy household. 

This mandala makes an exceptional housewarming gift!
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