Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mind*Body*Spirit Odyssey Interview - Take a Peek Behind the Scenes!

Every month the Mind * Body * Spirit Odyssey blog features an interview with an artist whose work embodies and reflects the spirit and energy of the mind body spirit theme.  Diane Fergurson, editor and wonderful artist in her own right, talked to me about my history, techniques and more. Check it out!:


Diane has a knack for finding excellent artisan items and interesting information to share. Healthy recipes, too!

"The purpose of The Mind Body Spirit Odyssey is to showcase quality products, writing & ideas that are designed to nurture, inspire, heal & honor the spirit inside all of us. This blog is positive in nature & non-denominational. We publish a variety of diverse opinions, beliefs & viewpoints on many different subjects related to the Mind Body Spirit theme."

You can find the rest of the Artist Series interview here:
Beautiful stuff!

Also be sure to check out Diane's artwork, beautiful abstracts and mandalas with lush colors and textures:

She also makes unique vintage-style jewelry:

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