Monday, May 7, 2012

NEW! Gypsy Mystery Apparel

"Fire Spirit" tank top
Over the past year as we've been hawking my wares at various marketplaces, I've had numerous people suggest that my work would look good on apparel.  I've also noticed that many people are more likely to purchase something that adorns themselves, rather than something that adorns their home.
Perhaps it is a matter of finite wall space, or maybe buying art seems like more of a commitment..?  Perhaps it is simply a more direct form of self-expression, one you can take with you wherever you go.  We humans have been decorating ourselves since the stone age, after all, and our fascination with "wearable art" has been fundamental throughout history.  What we wear serves many purposes, from the practical matter of protection from the elements, to the more complex social aspects of modesty, identification, and self-expression.

In any case – as I was pondering these suggestions and observations, I was contacted by someone else who’d seen my work on Etsy and thought my designs would look good on apparel – and he just happened to be all set up to print on apparel, whereas we are not. 

 Jeff Coleman, owner of NtheGroove Fine Art Printmaking Studio in San Diego, mainly focuses on collaborating with artists to create unique, high quality fine art prints, but has recently branched out into apparel as well.
And since I’m interested in creating attire that’s more akin to wearable art than mass-produced clothing, it seemed like a serendipitous connection.  Turns out he’s a joy to work with, as well. :)

Tupa spins some fire in one of my Fire Spirit tanks. *

We premiered our first, “experimental” batch of T-shirts and tank tops at the Lucidity Festival last month, and also did some for the IgNight Fire Flow Arts Conference (which was AMAZING, btw - more on that later!).  They were very well received, we sold a bunch, and we got a lot of great feedback.

Our available selection can be found on my Etsy Shop:

More options are in the works.  My goal is to develop some products that are more interesting than your standard T-shirt offerings, and we’re looking into more unique styles and possibly some hand-dying and other embellishments.
Stay tuned for future developments!

"Namaste" design
"P.L.U.R." design
"Fleur-des-Lis" design

Check Our NtheGroove's Etsy Shop:

* Special thanks to Curious Josh for the use of his beautiful photo.  More of this photos from the IgNight Fire Flow Arts Conference can be found here:

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