Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Art Inspiration of the Day; 3/26/2014

I've been exploring the world of handcrafted jewelry, seeking both knowledge and inspiration.

One of the jewelery artists I've come across who has really impressed me is Jamie Spinello.
I love her use of form and texture!  Her designs expore both geometric and organic shapes, creating an almost tribal look that still manages to be elegant.
She excels at transforming "alternative metals" - things like copper and brass and stainless steel (considered by many to be inferior to shiny gold and silver) into sophisticated pieces fit for a queen, or perhaps a warrior priestess from some exotic alien culture.  :)

She also creates stunning 3-D works in cut paper and plastic, as well as painting, drawing and collage pieces.

Go take a tour of her gallery at:
You can also buy jewelry items direct from her Etsy shop:

The piece pictured above is my favorite!!!

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