Friday, April 11, 2014

New Handmade Jewlery!

Lotus Om with Spirals
 I'm very excited to present some new jewelry pieces I've been working on.

I've spent the last couple of months learning some new skills and experimenting with new materials and techniques that would allow me to bring some new jewelry designs to life.

These pieces feature my original art designs etched into copper and hand-antiqued with colorful metal inks.  

The central pendants are backed by a layer of polymer clay, which gives them a nice weight and a smooth, non-tarnishing surface against the skin.  I sign each piece by etching my initials into the clay.

Hammered wire spiral accents and sparkling iridescent glass beads complete each piece.  

Necklaces connect at the back with a barrel clasp that screws together. 

Triple Lotus Om with Spirals

Celtic Om with Spirals

These One-of-a-Kind pieces are now available at my Etsy Shop:

This whole Working with Metal thing is new territory for me...I think I'm in love!

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