Friday, September 9, 2016

Magical Beauties Speed Art Video: "Fab Faun" Timelapse Coloring Page Creation

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I've been busily working to finish up my "Magical Beauties" book, and have been recording my desktop as I create each drawing.  Most of them start with a hand-drawn sketch - sometimes it's just a very rough thumbnail to jot down some basic ideas - other times I'll refine the sketch with more details.
The sketch is then scanned into my computer.  I also often gather reference images of things I want to incorporate into the design.  These are placed in an Adobe Illustrator file and I begin building my finished art by using Illustrator's Pen tool to draw lines and shapes.  
Each image is composed of many of these lines and shapes that are carefully tweaked and placed to create the final design.
I use some simple grayscale shading to clarify the image, indicate depth and overlapping elements and offer colorists some guidance for tonal shading.

Each image for "Magical Beauties" features naturally pleasing symmetry, plenty of opportunities for creative color play and striking characters that spark your imagination and result in gorgeous finished pages.

The first half of this book in now available as a printable download at the following link:

Magical Beauties Print Pack #1

When the second half is finished, I'll release Print Pack #2, and combine all of the images into a single print book that will be available on Amazon.

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