Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art Spotlight: 'Metamorphosis'

'Metamorphosis' variable edition serigraph by Cristina mcAllister
A Mandala Celebrating Change and Transformation

The butterfly undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis throughout its life; from lowly, ravenous caterpillar to jewel-like chrysalis to colorful, winged adult.  Because of this, it has become a symbol of change, transformation, spiritual growth and promising potential.
See THIS POST for a more in-depth exploration of butterfly symbolism.
In my "Metamorphosis Mandala", the bodies of the butterflies are in the form of an ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the Life Force.  Each butterfly embraces a lotus flower, which represent spiritual awakening and the idea of emerging from a time of hardship stronger, wiser and more complete.
Between the butterflies is a West African adinkra symbol called sesa wo suban, which signifies self-motivated transformation of one’s life or character.
Beyond these are the triangular alchemical icons for Fire, surrounded by flames.  Fire is a powerful symbol of change and transformation, as it profoundly affects everything it comes into contact with. 
Change is an inescapable part of life – we must learn to accept the things we cannot change, find the courage to change the things we can, and cultivate the wisdom to know the difference.

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