Friday, February 4, 2011

Art Spotlight: "PEACE"

"PEACE" serigraph by Cristina McAllister
The olive branch has been a symbol of peace since ancient times. When someone wanted to express thier peaceful intentions, they approached bearing an olive branch.
The dove bearing an olive branch originated in the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, and was popularized in the 18th century as an icon of the anti-war movement.
It has come to represent peace, hope, harmony, goodwill and serenity.

Celebrate PEACE with this original design featuring a dove bearing an olive branch and a “reflectograph” of the word “peace”.

A reflectograph is a design created by mirroring a word. 
You can read more about reflectographs in THIS POST

 6” x 9” Variable Editions of this design are now available on my Etsy shop.
“Variable Edition” means that each print of this design is unique, featuring hand-painted backgrounds with color and texture variations.

Browse available selection of prints here.

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