Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art Spotlight: "Namaste" Reflectograph

"Namaste" by Cristina McAllister
"Namaste" is a Hindi word of greeting, respect and hospitality used in many parts of the world.  Literally, it means "I bow to you", and it is often accompanied by añjali mudrā, a brief bow made with palms pressed together before the heart.
For many, it has a deeper meaning along the lines of "I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me", acknowledging the notion that the Divine resides in -  and connects - all of us.

 This design features a reflectograph* of the word “namaste”, framed by a figure preforming añjali mudrā, a winged heart and lotus flowers.
This piece makes a wonderful gift for someone you greatly respect, and is especially suited to hang near the entrance of your home to welcome guests.

Fine art prints of this design are are available at my Print Shop:

*Learn more about reflectographs here:
Art Spotlight: Reflectographs

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