Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Spotlight: “Thank You” Special Edition Serigraph

“The winged heart, at center, symbolizes Love, Freedom and Rising to Full Potential.  Above, the spiral flame represents Passion and Creativity.  Below is the Japanese kanji character for "Gratitude" flanked by stalks of wheat, which symbolize Abundance.
Thank you for helping me follow my dreams!”

This design was created as a token of appreciation for those who contributed $30 or more to our art booth fund raising campaign
Twenty-nine Backers pledged over $1300, allowing us to get ourselves set up to sell my work at art shows and festivals.  We were overwhelmed with the generous show of support.

Each print is hand-pulled in shimmering gold ink and each one has a unique hand-painted background in purple and mauve tones.  Each print comes with a description certificate, which can be matted and framed with the print, if desired.
The print run was limited to 21 prints – 18 of them going to our munificent Backers, one artist’s proof for me to keep…and one each for my Mom and Dad, who have supported my artistic endeavors since I could hold a crayon. :)

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