Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Spotlight: “Tribe Of Us”

'Tribe of Us' by Cristina McAllister

This mandala was designed as a sort of logo for a group of close friends.
The central flower-like shape is made of overlapping, interweaving hearts. The figures are alternating male and female.

The symbols surrounding are (starting from upper left):
  • Claddagh - an Irish symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty
  • Spiral flame - passion, creativity (there are also several fire-performers in the group)
  • Our Cup Runneth Over - abundance and celebration
  • Yin-Yang - Chinese symbol for balance, interconnectivity, interdependence
  • Añjali Mudrā - gesture that is a sign of respect and greeting
  • Peace Sign - originally designed as a symbol for nuclear disarmament, it has come to represent peace, cooperation and understanding


  1. I love this Cristina. No one but you could have so beautifully created a visual representation of the Tribe of Us.

  2. Such a beautiful representation of community and the principles of humanity that unite us. We're so lucky to have you (and you us!). -Theresa


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