Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calliope, Part IV: We Do Stuff

early explorations
Dore refurbished the trailer base, replacing the axle, suspension and wheels and extending it slightly so we were sure we had a solid base that could handle what we wanted to do to it. He began measuring and sketching and buying big pieces of wood and metal, sawing and welding and sanding and whatever other arcane things he does in the back yard that makes a lot of noise and sometimes makes the lights flicker eerily.
For my part, I began designing Calliope’s New Look. I studied tons of pictures of what other folks had done with their vardos, deciding to do something a little different –my own unique twist on the elaborately-adorned traditional style. I played with color palettes, motifs, visual themes, etc.
final designs for front and back walls
At first my goal was just to make her look amazing. I wanted her to be intricate and beautiful and whimsical and eye-catching. I began sketching out designs that melded many of my artistic influences; art nouveau, Celtic knotwork, art deco, tribal design, organic forms and swirly shapes. A distinctive style was emerging.
As the project progressed and we became more invested in it – I found myself wanting Calliope to be more than just good looking. I wanted to infuse her with our hopes, our dreams, our joy, our passion, the things we hold dear. I wanted her adornments to be more than just decorative – I wanted the art to MEAN something.
(Continued in Part V...)

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