Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calliope, Part III: Destruction, Lots of Sketching, Creation, Rebirth

early concept diagram
Brainstorming began in earnest; lists of Necessary Stuff, lists of Less Necessary But Cool Stuff, scribbly sketches, graph paper diagrams and computer mock-ups of exterior and interior possibilities.
Amazingly, our ideas were incredibly in synch – our individual ponderings were remarkably similar – we were definitely on the same page.
Of course, there really aren’t that many ways to fit all this stuff into a 6’ x 13’ space, so maybe it wasn’t all that incredible.

Nonetheless, we knew what we wanted and where we were going to put it. The basic design process was very organically collaborative and really fun.
As for making it happen, Dore would handle the structural building part of the project and I would be in charge of the visual design.
Dore was also in charge of beating the crap out of the camper with a sledgehammer, which he set to in earnest. 12 loads of garbage and another pile of salvaged bits of stuff for the driveway junk collection later, we had a blank canvas of welded steel and vulcanized rubber on which to project our bold dreams and creative powers.
Stripped and refurbished trailer ready for its second incarnation
Calliope was about to be reborn.
(Continued in Part IV...)

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  1. WOOOW! So yall literally built it from the ground up...insides & all! That is truly IMPRESSIVE! You have the joy of calling this your baby.


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